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Hello, my name is David Adams. I hope you enjoy my personal website.

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Physicists officially reach the smallest scale of computing possible. Of course, Intel is within two orders of magnitude of this already. We should see single-atom transistors in mainstream CPUs by 2030 or so. Then what do we do?
Coming on Tuesday, the new version of Bootstrap looks like a fantastic library of CSS and Javascript tools for creating great-looking and great-working websites.
In a decade or so solar photovoltaic cells may be the cheapest way to generate electricity. Sounds like we'd better start building power lines to the southwest.
Well, really it's infected the computers used by the operators of the drones on the other side of the world. "We think it's benign. But we just don’t know." That's not the type of thing you want to hear coming out of the US military when you're talking about the computers that control FLYING KILLER ROBOTS.
Ben Brooks covers everything that's wrong with Microsoft.
The NYT investigates the poisoning of water sources that is growing rapidly thanks to new drilling techniques used by the natural gas industry as reported in the HBO documentary GasLand. That we allow this kind of thing to go on is a travesty, and yet state governments are going the opposite direction.
Egypt proves the danger of an "Internet Kill Switch" like some Senators are proposing. There is no crisis we could face in which disabling the most important communications network in our nation would improve matters. Such a tool is ripe for abuse (not to mention whatever mechanism exists to shut the Internet down will become a major target of cyberattack), and I'm aghast that so many in Congress would wish to give such power to anyone. The idea that a "cyber attack" would be best addressed by disabling the Internet is ludicrous. For any enemy of the US who wished to target the Internet, in their biggest dreams they could wish for nothing better than a shutdown of the Internet. Why would we want to make that outcome more likely?
They want to ship Firefox 4, 5, 6, and 7 this calendar year. Sounds like someone has Chrome envy.
Not the first, nor the last, but here's yet another method by which websites can tell if you are a regular user of Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or most any authenticated website.
Barack Obama compared himself to Lincoln during his campaign, and more recently has been speaking of wishing to be like Ronald Reagan. Honestly, with the way his administration is responding to Wikileaks reminds me most of Richard Nixon.
Restricting sales of Sudafed have just created a new black market, inviting more people to become criminals, while simultaneously making life harder for allergy sufferers. Oh yeah, and meth use is up by an incredible amount despite the laws. Hmm...
Amazing photo by Thierry Legault.
Emoticons for the 2010s
In Springfield, Missouri, Drury University has begun a free bike-loan program for its students which has been quite successful, and nearby Missouri State is about to start the same kind of program. A great idea for expanding student mobility on campus and off.
Despite progress on a few important issues, I'm ultimately disappointed with Obama, who has embraced the absolute worst abuses of the Bush Presidency--indefinite detention and warrantless surveillance. Obama seems to be the most liberal possible President we could have gotten (which is not saying much these days). If he accepts these new principles, what are the chances this trend will be reversed anytime soon if ever?

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Okay these have officially gone from cool to creepy.

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I rather enjoy reading the thoughts and opinions of people who are smarter and more interesting than myself, including Jim Henley, Rafe Colburn, Fred Clark, Bruce Schneier, Matt Haughey, Tim Bray, Anil Dash, John Gruber, Duncan Black, and Raymond Chen.

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I live with my beautiful family in beautiful Peoria, Illinois where I work for Virginia Tech. I sometimes write computer programs. I play piano and guitar poorly. Every summer I get obsessed over drum corps.

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I used HTML 4, CSS, Emacs, Ruby, SQLite, Markaby, and YAML to create this website. The specified fonts are Georgia and Verdana even though that's not recommended. The site is hosted by Joyent although in general I recommend Pair for web hosting.